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Shopping Links:

   DealTime  The site I use to find the best deals.
   Bare Ware  Diaper Liners!
   Choosy Diapers  Diapers ! (I prefer Zippidy's)
   Stacinators  Covers! Need I say more?
   Moon Dance Soaps  Soaps and baby ointments
   beHosting  Web hosting and domain names for small and home-based business since 1999
   The Sling Lady  Slings! The most fabulous baby product ever made!
The Sling Lady A sling for every style ... Over The Shoulder Baby Holder
KissaSling, Hempersling, Mesh Water Slings and more!
My favorite, and the one I still use, is OTSBH!
   Natural Child Project  Stuff for AP, HSing and child advocacy.
what they do: Over 100 articles on attachment parenting, homeschooling, and child
advocacy. Over 700 pictures from children around the world. Please visit our
fundraising shop for Parenting Cards, books, posters, nursing dolls, parenting books and more!
We also have Buttons and banners
   Birth and Baby Basics  More baby stuff.
   Baby Boutique  Even more baby stuff.
   Katherine Rose-Brownell  Dallas are legal needs.
I am an attorney and do simple, small-estate planning in the Dallas-Ft-Worth area of
Texas. I charge less than half what a typical law firm charges for a simple
self-proved will which includes naming a guardian and trust for minor children.
Katherine Rose-Brownell, 11703 Neering Dr.,Dallas, TX 75218; Phone #(214) 728-4044.

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