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ELO Rater

Version 2.0

ELO Rater is a Club Rating Utility Program, designed to automate implementing a USCF style, or Harkness style Rating system for small chess clubs or groups. This program is provided AS IS under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 2, June 1991

Detailed installation and usage directions (including screenshots) are aailable on the help pages included in the distribution file, as well as through the help link to the left of this page. If you are new to this program, please take time to review the help information before dowloading the program.

Because opf security constraints imposed by my Internet Service Provider... I have been forced to rename the standard distribution file (EloRater.zip) so that you can down load the file. It has been renamed ELORater.zipstuff.txt and has 932909 bytes. Click the Download link to the left and save the file to your machine. You will need to rename the file, removing the extra characters 'stuff.txt' to obtrain the original file name. On Windows Systems, you must enable viewing file extensions for the change to be recognized, otherwise your system will tell you it is a text file. It is in fact, a zip file.


Pentium class machine, 100 MHz or higher MS Windows 95 or Higher

Known Bugs

Sometimes the elo file will fail to load, crashing the program. There seems to be no logical reason, however most users have found that if the elo file name is 4 charaters of shorter (e.g. club.elo), the program will load consistantly.

Release Notes

The major enhancement to this version of the software is the addition of a native data file format. This introduction removes the dependance of the program on MS ACCESS. Sorting and usability items have also been added.

The rating algorithms implemented by the program are dependant on correct data entry. This program does not provide a user safety net against errors. The safest way to use the program is to create and use frequent backups. This can be done using the file system and the data files. It is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the data files.

Future Releases

There are no immediate pland for additional releases, however if you have suggestions for the next release, send them along to the author.

Contact the Developer

If you have any questions regarding this program or the source, or you wish to make suggestions for future releases, or wish thank the developer...contact him through e-mail at: james_k_garner@yahoo.com, listing ELO Rater in the subject text or through regular mail at 2625 Burkelaun Dr. Montgomery, Alabmam (U.S.A)