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ELO Rater

Group Data Files

Selecting the Data Directory

Each Group is stored to an ELO data file. You may load a group's data from the groups tab. If the program is not launched with a datafile on the command line, it will use the its current directory as the data directory. If a file is loaded on the command line, then the program will use the directory of that file as the data directory. You may change the data directory by pressing the CH. Dir button on the groups tab. This will bring up a Directory Selection Dialog.

Directory Selection Dialog.

Once you navigate to the desired directory on the Directory Selection Dialog, press OK to load that directory into the program. The program will then display the names of all groups found in that directory. This is the ELO Rater Group data files (*.elo files) names with the path and extension stripped off. To load the group, select it in the list and press the load button.

Setting the File Type

Using the ELO Data FIles is more convenient if you associate the ELO file type with the ELORater Program. Once you have created your initial group, you can use the Explorer window to set the file type to launch the ELORater program.

Setting the File Type

The first time you double-click an ELO data file (*.elo), windows explorer will present the following dialog:

Getting started with the file type.

Choose "Select the program from a list" and press OK.

On the next dialog, enter the description of the ELO file and check the "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" check box. Then press the browse button to locate the ELORater executable. Your screen should look like the following screen shot before you press the Browse button.

Setting the options.

Navigate to the location of you ELO Rater program and select the program. When your screen looks like the image below, press OK.

Browsing the ELO Rater Program.

You should see the ELO Rater program in the list of programs. If your screen looks like the image below you are ready to press OK.

Good to go.

After following these steps, you will be able to launch the ELO Rater program simply by double licking on the Group Data File (*.elo) This will load the group's data directly into the program, and place the program in Game entry mode. The Data Directory will be set to the directory where the data file was found.