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Adding Games

Enter Game Value

Once players are defined, you may enter rated games for the players by using Players tab. Adding a rated game is a matter of selecting the game values on the controls and pressing the Add button.

View of Games Tab with game data filled in: Press Add.

Keyboard Usage

The game input controls are programmed to accept keyboard input. Using the keyboard to enter the data can make entry extremely fast. The players are listed alphabetically in the player drop lists: last name first, t hen first name. You can jump to the individuals by keying in the first letter of the last name. Say James Garner played white. I would press 'g' to jump to the names starting with g. Successive pressing of 'g' will advance through all the names starting with 'g'. Use the tab key to shift the focus to the next control. On the results drop-down list, you can press 'w', 'd' or 'b'. Pressing 'w' will select white won. Pressing 'b' selects black won, and press- ing 'd' selects draw. When entering the time, you should enter the current time (time the game ended) into the fields. When the data fields are filled in, press the Add button.

Please note that the system will not allow duplicate game entries. This is defined as a second game with the same players (either white or black) entered with the same time. Rated games should never be played simultaneously. If you run into a problem with this limitation, you should re-think what you are doing.


After pressing the add button. Read the confirmation message to make sure you entered the correct game values. If you are pleased with the entry, confirm the entry by pressing OK. If you wish to make changes, you must cancel the operation and correct the mistakes at this point. Once the game is entered, there is no way to remove the game. Worse, you WILL corrupt your ratings. The ratings are computed upon game entry, and the players ratings are immediately updated.

View of Game Confirmation.