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ELO Rater

Adding Groups

Creating New Groups

Each group must be created initially though the program. If no groups are loaded through the command-line, the ELO Rater program will activate the Groups tab on start up.

View of Groups tab when no groups are loaded.

On this tab, you must first enter then name of your rating group or club. You will then be permitted to choose which ratings system the group will use. Think this over carefully, because once you create the group, you can not later switch rating systems. After selecting the rating system, press the add button to add the group to the list of known groups. The program will create a new group with the settings you specified and load the enable the other dialogs for use. The group will appear in the group list to the right of the tab and the ELO Rater Program will enable the other tabs allowing you to edit the group's data.

View of Groups Tab after createing a test group.

Loading Existing Groups

If you have previously created the group, and wish to load the group, simply select the group by name on the list and press the load button. it will appear in the group list on the right of the dialog. The program will make groups available for all groups with a data file in the current executing directory. When you crate a group, a matching elo file will be created by the program. As you make changes to the group, either by adding players or games, the data will be stored in the group's data file. When you load a group, you are loading that group's data file into the program. After loading a group, the ELO Rater Program will enable the other tabs and allow you to edit the group's data. The group's rating system will also load into the group's tab.

View of Groups Tab just before loading the test group.

Unloading Groups

At any time you are running the ELO Rater program, you may unload the current group's data. After unloading the current group's data, the program will be in the same state as it is when it is started with no group specified on the command line parameter. (See the image above) To clear the current group's data, press the clear button on the Groups Tab. Please note, that while the clear button on the Groups Tab will take the program to an unloaded state. The clear button on all other tabs will only clear the data associated with that tab. To create a new group after working in another group, you must clear the current group to enable the name edit box, which will allow you to specify the new group. If you wish to switch to an existing group, it is not necessary to unload the current group. Just select it in the group list and press load.