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ELO Rater

Important Notes

Order of Data Entry

Both rating systems are dependant upon the order of game entry. In order to achieve acurate ratings, you must enter the games in the order they are played. The easiest way to do this is to use the computer at the group, and enter the games directly as they participants report the results. An alternate way would be to have the participants write the results on small reporting slips that require the time. At the end of the session, you then sort these slips by time and enter the session's activity.

No Safety Net

This program does not provide a mechanism for correcting errors made in game entry so you should take care, nor is there a mechanism for restoring the ratings to pre-error states. These values are lost. As a result, it is recommended that you backup the games.mdb database before you start entering games. This will preserve the data during the session entry. Once you are satisfied that all games have been entered, you may delete the backup copy.

Multiple Ratings Groups or Clubs

As is dicussed in the section on Adding Groups, the ELO Rater program is capable of handling multiple groups. Just don't delete the data files or read them in some other tool.

Command Line Usage

EloRater [groupname|[path]groupname.elo]

Where groupname is the name of the group to load, meaning the name of the elo data file to load into the program without the elo extension Alternately, you can simply specify the datafile name with the extension. If you specify the path, the program will use the path for the data directory. If no path is specified, the program will default to the current executable path.

Using the commandline thus can speed up general entry of games. The program will load the current system time into the game time controls on program start. You can use the command line to quickly load a group. THr program will start in the game entry tab. You enter the game data, press add, and close the program. Everything is entered, and the ratings are updated.