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Adding Players

Enter Player Name

Once you have created a new group, you must add players to the group. This is done through the Players tab. When a group is loaded, the controls of this tab will be active. You start adding a player by first entering their name into the name fileds.

The system will not allow duplicate players. This is defined as a player with the same name as one already entered. Keep this in mind, if your group contains players with the nsame name. The name fields allow spaces, so it becomes possible to enter first and middle names in the first name field to differentiate two or more players bearing the same first and last names.

View of Players Tab after entering new player data.

Set Initial Rating

After entering the name, you must select the option of initial rating. -Default Adult assigns 1300 as the initial rating (as per USCF rules) -Default Child assigns a rating based on the child's age (as per USCF rules) The formula for computing the rating is 300 + age * 50. You may only select the ages listed, which are 4 to 20. Note that 20 or more yields the defulat adult rating. -Level allows you to specifically set the percieved skill level of the player this is comparable to tournament directors giving a provisional rating to a known chess player of some skill. Keep in mind that you should be familiar with the rellative strengths of players in the common chess community. Most appearently advance players, who are not already rated fall between advanced beginner and intermediate players. If you are not sure, use the defulat adult setting, which is comparable to advanced beginner. -USCF allows you to enter known USCF ratings directly into the system. Use this option if you are entering a USCF rated player.


After setting the initial rating, press Add. Read the confirmation message to make sure you entered the correct values. If you are pleased with the entry, confirm the entry by pressing OK. If you wish to make changes, you must cancel the operation and correct the mistakes at this point. Once the name is entered, there is no way to remove that player.

View of Player Confirmation.