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Getting Started

The ELORater program is designed to take the name of the rating group or club as a command-line parameter. If no parameter is supplied, the program will instruct you to select a rating group from the group list, or to add a new group If a group is specified on the command-line, the program will load that group's data and allow you to immediately add games.

Program loaded with no group.

The ELO Rater interface consists of a simple tabbed dialog. The tabs are: Games, Ratings, Players, Groups, and About. The about tab gives the license notice and version number. The other tabs each represent tasks, which you will perform while using the program. When you first use the program to define a group's data, the tabs will feel like they are in the reverse order. They are actually in the order of most use once everything is set up and running. The most common task will be to add a game. The Games tab handles this task. The next most common task is to view the current ratings, which is done using the ratings tab. The Players tab allows you to adding players to the group. This is done extensively when first setting up your group, but is done only occasionally after that. Adding a group is done very infrequently.

View with all Tabs enabled.


When a Tab is enabled for input, the pawn icon will be colored. If the pawn icon is gray, the tab is not enabled for input. If no group data is currently loasded, only the about tab and add group tabe iwll be enabled.